Each volunteer will need to undertake the orientation program.


Police Checks

 Once a volunteer is interviewed and determined to be suitable to be part of our program, a police check will be required before the volunteer can commence working at one of our facilities.  Menarock will pay for the police check.

Volunteer’s Handbook

 As part of the orientation process, the volunteer will be provided with the volunteer’s handbook.



  1. Volunteer makes contact with Menarock at volunteer@menarock.com.au and completes the Application to Volunteer

  2. Volunteer Coordinator (Group Manager Administration) interviews the volunteer and completes the required document.  If appropriate, a police check is undertaken

  3. Upon receiving the police check, the volunteer is allocated to a facility and introduction to the Lifestyle Coordinator and DON is made

  4. The Lifestyle Coordinator completes the orientation and supervises the work of the volunteer and coordinates activities and days of work